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Need support to plan your future?
If you’re aged 16-30, we’re here to help you develop your skills and find a job.

As lockdown restrictions ease, we know young people are facing a range of challenges, so you can be assured that we're still here to support you to cope today and prepare for tomorrow.

Our team of youth support workers and volunteers are still on hand during this challenging time. Our phone lines, live chat and text service are open from 9am-9pm every day.

You can also find a range of advice, tools and resources on our Coronavirus Support Hub.

How we can help

We’re committed to supporting you over the coming months. Whether you're out of school, unemployed, self-employed or need a confidence boost, we offer a range of courses and tailored support to help you take your next step.

Here’s just a few examples of how we could help:

  • Discover your leadership potential, enhance your CV and learn how to ace your next job interview.
  • Gain an insight into what it’s like to work in a range of industries, gain valuable work experience and make connections with local employers.
  • Explore activities where you’ll meet new people, develop your confidence and learn new skills.
  • Get support with covering course fees, equipment and travel expenses.
  • Receive one-to-one support to discover your strengths and prepare for your next step into work, education or training.
  • Learn how to build and maintain your physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Receive funding and practical advice to start your own business, with the help of a trained mentor to offer inspiration and guidance.

If you’re an education provider looking for ways to support your students, we’ve designed a variety of programmes with you in mind. Find out more about our support for education providers.

Development Awards
For 16-30 year olds
We could cover the cost of expenses to remove barriers and enable you to achieve your goals.
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For 16-25 year olds
26th October - 1st December
Build your confidence and develop new skills through a range of fun activities.
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Get Hired in Telecommunications with Sky Connect
For 16-25 year olds
3rd November
Take part in an online interview for a Service Executive role at Sky Connect.
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Get Hired in Communications with Social
For 16-25 year olds
3rd November
Take part in an online interview for a Business Development Coordinator role at communications agency, Social.
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Level Up
For 16-25 year olds
8th - 26th November
Explore a range of digital skills including coding, game design and video production.
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Get into Social Care with Next Stage
For 18-30 year olds
8th - 19th November
Gain hands-on experience in a care home in Bury.
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Get Hired in Marketing with Dentsu
For 18-25 year olds
11th November
Interview for a role as a Digital Marketing Assistant at Dentsu.
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Get into Retail with Greggs
For 16-30 year olds
15th - 19th November
Develop your skills in customer service and take part in a trial shift in a Greggs shop.
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Explore Enterprise
For 18-30 year olds
15th - 26th November
Expert advice on how to turn your business idea into a reality.
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Support for young people on Prince’s Trust programmes

Kooth Online Mental Health Support
For 11-25 year olds
If you’re currently on a Prince’s Trust programme and are experiencing challenges with your mental health and wellbeing, talk to us about being referred to Kooth.
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Here for Greater Manchester

Coronavirus is impacting on all our lives. We’re here to listen, help you explore your options and support you to plan your next step.

Talk to our Youth Support Workers online using live chat or call our freephone number: 0800 842 842.

Even if you just want a friendly chat, we’re here for you.

“I am happier now than I have ever been. My confidence has grown so much and feel much more calm and stable in my life. I feel really optimistic about the future. Going on this programme has been the best decision I've ever made!” Anissa Ben Marrou
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