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Kooth Online
Free online mental health support for young people

We’ve partnered with Kooth to provide online mental health support for 11-25 year olds.

If you’re currently on a Prince’s Trust programme and are experiencing challenges with your mental health and wellbeing, talk to your Prince’s Trust Youth Support Worker. They’ll explain the support available through Kooth, a free online counselling and emotional wellbeing support service.

Your Prince’s Trust Youth Support Worker will be able to refer you to Kooth and explain how to access the following support on the Kooth website.

Helpful articles, discussions, journals, activities and counselling

  • Online Magazine – Helpful articles, personal experiences and tips from young people and the Kooth team
  • Discussion Boards – Start or join a conversation with the friendly Kooth community. There are lots of topics to choose from
  • Daily Journal – Write in your own daily journal to track your feelings or emotions and reflect on how you’re doing
  • Mini Activities Hub – Activities to help you build valuable life skills. Pick one to try
  • Chat with the team – Chat to Kooth’s helpful team about anything that’s on your mind. Message or have a live chat


Kooth Counsellors are available on the site from 12 noon to 10pm Monday to Friday and 6pm to 10pm at weekends.

Counselling is provided through:

  • Drop-in - you wait in the online chat queue for a short time until the next Counsellor becomes available
  • Pre-booked sessions – sessions booked ahead of time with a counsellor on a regular basis

Kooth is a confidential service and your data will be processed by them independent of The Prince’s Trust. However, we may need to exchange information with Kooth to identify you if a disclosure made to them puts you or others at risk of harm, or if there are immediate concerns for your safety.

“I really like how you can share your problems anonymously and have help from others. It makes me feel accepted and that people will not judge me.”
Visit the Kooth Website