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New Achieve Hub and teaching resources
The extended interruption to education has been a challenge for students and has left many feeling uncertain about their futures.

We believe every young person deserves the best possible chance of success, so we've launched a new Achieve Hub and updated some of our teaching resources to better support students in building essential life skills.

New Achieve Hub

We’ve launched our new Achieve Hub to make it easier for you to deliver our Achieve programme with your pupils. The new Achieve Hub is home to refreshed and updated resources, is easier to use and gives you the ability to save resources.

Visit the Achieve Hub

Refreshed Essential Skills Learning Resources

Explore the first release from our new series of fresh, flexible and practical teaching resources. Updated to meet the unique needs of young people, at a time when they need it most, these resources focus on stress management, confidence building and other essential personal skills.

Includes full session plans, supporting resources and qualification tracking sheets to help you deliver the different units and topics in the Achieve programme curriculum.

Skills and strengths
This session supports young people to recognise their own skills and strengths, as well as the skills they would like to develop in support of their long-term ambitions and interests.
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Setting and achieving goals
This session helps young people to understand how to set goals and the steps they need to take to achieve them.
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Stress management
This session gives young people guidance and advice on how to spot signs of stress in themselves and others, while identifying different strategies for managing stressful situations.
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Confidence building
This session sets young people up with a range of activities that help them get to know each other, promote their strengths and build self-confidence.
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Sign up for access to our new Achieve resources

If you're a teacher, parent or guardian currently working with young people, visit our Achieve Club page to sign-up and gain access to useful tools and resources, for face-to-face and remote learning.

Already signed up?

If you’re a teacher, parent or guardian already running Achieve Clubs you can visit our new Achieve Hub now to access the new and updated resources.

Tesco Ready for Work Resources

Multi-national retailer and valued sponsor of The Prince’s Trust, Tesco are passionate about supporting young people into employment. Using their expert knowledge and experience, they have created a range of easy-to-use resources which focus on the essential skills required when preparing for work.

Presentation skills
Learn how to prepare, deliver and evaluate successful presentations with easy-to-follow guidance
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Interview skills
Get tips and advice on how to build the best CV and online profile to stand out from the crowd
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Work experience
Identify your personal career drivers and explore the benefits of work experience
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Education programmes on offer

We're currently offering the following programmes for education providers

Mosaic: Secondary School Mentoring
Inspiring young people to engage with the world of work by connecting them with relatable roles models from range of careers.
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Skills for School
A standalone off-the-shelf module to support goal setting and development of transferable skills.
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Achieve Transition
Support to help Year 11 students through their transition into further education, training or employment.
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