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Mentorship connections

Building meaningful relationships between young people and volunteers

Our volunteers provide one-to-one mentoring support to help young people reach their goals.

Walking in the shoes of another person and offering non-judgemental support is one of the greatest gifts humans can give to one another. If you have a passion to learn, understand and give guidance, our mentorship programmes provide huge return to all that take part.

Our professionality supported programmes offer you continuous options to grow as a mentor, and you will benefit from the insightful and rewarding experience of working with some of the most amazing young people on their personal journeys.

Examples of mentoring:

  • 60-1-6 Mentoring: supporting young people through the challenges brought about by the pandemic and helping them move towards a meaningful outcome. Mentors and mentees meet for one hour once a week, over a six-month period.

  • Progression mentorship: Supporting young people to achieve their goals in areas including work, education, training or volunteering.

  • Business mentors: guiding and mentoring those young people who have launched their own business with The Trust to help them run a successful business.

  • NHS/health care mentors: helping to support and prepare young people for a variety of health care roles after joining our specialist health care employability programmes.

Volunteer with us

If you’d like to find out more about becoming a mentor, register your interest and a member of our team will get in touch.

Volunteer with us