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Level Up

8th - 26th November

For 16-25 year olds in Greater Manchester

Free three-week course delivered at our Manchester centre

Digital skills training

Our Level Up course aims to offer young people insight into the different industries that use technology and digital skills, helping you to build new skills and unlock hidden potential. We're here to inspire and empower you to explore your passion and bridge the skills gap to turn your daydream into your day job.

We've partnered with a variety of specialist partners including Gaydio, The Reporters' Academy, NextGen Skills Academy and HOST to bring you this free three-week course. They will provide insight into topics such as radio, VR, coding, game design and video production.

You'll gain an understanding of how the different industries use technology, some of the key roles within the sector and an insight into the different paths into these industries.

Whether you're new to the digital and tech sector or already have an interest in it, this is an opportunity to find your spark, share your interest and explore your potential.

This course will run for three weeks at our Manchester centre.

Induction: 4th November

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