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Get Hired in Hair and Beauty with Concierge Hair and Beauty

12th May

For 18-30 year olds living in Greater Manchester

Free online course

A new way to find your next role in hair and beauty

If you're 18-30 and are struggling to start a career in hair and beauty the traditional way, then why not take part in Get Hired Live?

This fast-paced, virtual event is designed to connect you with the employer/recruiter at Concierge Beauty. Think speed dating but for jobs. Perfect for those who want something different when applying for a job.

In the first session of the day, you'll be paired with industry experts to coach you to get the edge on the competition in a job interview. The second part of the day is where you will have the real interview with the recruiter.

Read the job description of the vacancies here. There are over 200+ full-time, part-time and self employed vacancies available.

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Visit our Get Hired in Hair and Beauty EventBrite page to register your interest.

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