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Achieve in Centre
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For 13-16 year olds in Greater Manchester

Free course delivered in person at our Manchester centre

Bespoke alternative education provision

Achieve is a bespoke alternative education provision designed to support young people aged 13-16 to re-engage back into a positive outcome by boosting their confidence, learning new skills and working with others.

Young people involved will take part in sessions around topics such as:

  • Personal development and employability - young people will boost their confidence, make new friends and improve communication skills
  • Life skills - through engaging activities, topics such as resilience, breaking habits, health and wellbeing and employability will be explored
  • Community projects - to develop team-working skills and allow young people to discover new talents
  • Literacy, language and numeracy - to gain essential skills to succeed in daily tasks such as money management
  • Skills-boosting activities - from robot building to rock climbing, and app making to archery, there is a variety of extra-curricular activities on offer

No two Achieve programmes are the same, as the course is tailored to the needs of each group. The above activities are not an exhaustive list, but instead show a flavour of the type of activities a young person may get involved in.

The course is delivered from our Manchester centre two days a week for either four or six weeks. Travel costs are reimbursed and lunch is provided.

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Start dates can be arranged to suit your group. To find out more, email Liam Swanston: