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Achieve Club
Helping young people develop the skills and confidence to reach their goals

Our Achieve programme supports 11-19 year olds through relevant, engaging and informal learning.

Achieve is a flexible programme that young people can access in schools or FE colleges, or outside the mainstream settings such as PRUs, YOIs or youth services.

It supports NEET prevention, either as part-time study or as an element of a full-time study programme.

  • Option to complete our personal development and employability qualifications
  • Your staff will receive full training and development to be able to deliver the sessions with your young people
  • Access to sessions and resources
  • As part of the programme you will have a Prince's Trust Executive Link and support from our partners.

In support of the Greater Manchester’s Curriculum for Life offer, Achieve Club aims to improve the following:

  • Attainment: reaching educational goals and working towards The Prince’s Trust Personal Development and Employability Skills (PDE) qualification
  • Attendance: becoming motivated again and attending regularly
  • Personal and social development: building confidence, teamwork skills and developing character
  • Engagement: developing an improved attitude to learning and raising aspirations

Find out more or sign-up

Visit our new Achieve Hub to find out more about Achieve and register for access to the resources.