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Helping young people across Greater Manchester to unlock their potential

The Prince’s Trust are committed to providing the skills, support and experience young people need to succeed in life.

We are embarking on a ground-breaking new partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to help young people from across the region cope today and prepare for tomorrow. Through our range of free courses and tailored support, we’re helping 11 to 30 year-olds to build their skills and confidence, enabling them to take their next step into work, education or training.

Young People
Age 16-30? Access free online courses and one-to-one support, designed to help you plan your future, build your confidence and prepare you for the next step.
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Find out how your business can support our work, from making a donation to providing employment opportunities for young people.
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Discover how you can help young people facing barriers to employment, education or training.
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